Pregnancy Massage

This massage can be of great benefit not only to the Mother but also to the unborn baby. It is shown that a pregnancy massage may help alleviate pains and aches, it also may help with other common health problems associated with pregnancy. Research has shown that ‘baby’ can benefit greatly from a message as the feel good endorphins are usually released during a massage and these are passed on to the baby.

In research it has been shown by the mother receiving regular massages past the 1st trimester that it can aid the ability to relax in the 1st stage of labour, which often results in shorter and easier births.


Full Body & Abdominal Massage
Back Massage
30 minutes


All first treatments consists of a private medical questionnaire which ensures that this is the right treatment for you which usually lasts around 15 minutes and after the treatment I undertake the aftercare which usually lasts around 10 minutes. I also ask with this massage that you are past your 1st Trimester and that you have gained approval of your Midwife/Doctor that you are able to undertake this treatment