Indian Head

This massage appears in the earliest Ayurvedic texts which date back nearly 4000 years. This skill has been passed down from generation to generation and it is learnt from a very young age within the family.

Indian Head Massage is usually carried out while the client is sat clothed, unless oil is to be used, then the top half of the clients body would be exposed in order to gain the full experience of oil, the oil that is normally used is either Coconut or Argan oil.

Indian Head Massage is seen to have many benefits for the mind, body and spirit. It is thought to increase blood circulation which can help with a great number or problems, including headaches, jawache, congestion and insomnia.


Indian Head Massage (without oil)
45 minutes
Indian Head Massage (with oil)
45 minutes


All first treatments consist of a private medical questionnaire which ensures that this is the right treatment for you which usually lasts around 15 minutes and after the treatment I undertake the aftercare and the client can relax and drink some water and this usually lasts around 10mins.